Water based Polyurethane – ALKA 251

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Alka-251: Enhancing Concrete Surfaces with Advanced Acrylic Emulsion

ALKA 251 is a special coating that’s safe to use and doesn’t harm the environment. It’s made of water and polyurethane, and it’s great for lots of different things. It protects surfaces well and makes them look nice, all while being good for the planet. ALKA 251 is really advanced and better than regular sealers. It can even be used on top of other coatings without any problems.


Industrial & Commercial Protection: Ideal for safeguarding surfaces in various industrial and commercial settings.

Sealing Bare Concrete: Perfect for grind and seal projects, effectively sealing bare concrete surfaces.

Showrooms: Enhance aesthetics and durability in showrooms with Alka-251.

Warehouses & Storage Areas: Improve durability in warehouses, storage, and packaging areas.

Food & Beverage Processing: Meets stringent requirements for food and beverage processing facilities.

Workshop Upgrades: Enhance workshop floors for performance and longevity.

Bars & Food Preparation Areas: Ensure durability and safety in bars and food preparation zones.


Wear and Impact Resistance: Exceptional resistance against wear and impact ensures long-lasting results.

Applicable on Wet and Damp Concrete: Offers flexibility by being applicable on wet and damp surfaces.

Low VOC: Environmentally friendly with low volatile organic compound emissions.

Protective Barrier: Safeguards new concrete from various forms of abuse.

Hot Tire Pickup Resistance: Resists hot tire pickup, ensuring surface durability.

Excellent Weathering Properties: Endures harsh weather conditions with ease.

Bulk Availability: Accessible in bulk quantities for large-scale projects.

Mechanical and Chemical Resistance: Exhibits excellent resistance against mechanical and chemical stresses.

UV Resistance: Guards against UV degradation, maintaining surface integrity over time.

How to Apply:

Make sure the surface is clean and doesn’t have any dirt before applying the coating. Get rid of any loose bits and laitance. If you’re working on a big area, it’s best to use shot blasting or high-pressure water blasting. For smaller spots, you can use a needle gun or bush hammering.

Application Temperature:

  • Minimum substrate temperature: 10°C
  • Maximum substrate temperature: 30°C
  • Maximum relative humidity: ~ 80%

Cure Times:

  • Touch Dry: 4-7 hours @ 25°C approx.
  • Waiting for overcoat: 8-24 hours @ 25°C approx.
  • Light traffic: 3 days @ 25°C approx.
  • Full cure: 7 days @ 25°C approx.


Store in un-opened containers free from frost in dry conditions between 5°C and 30°C for a minimum of 12 months. Component B is non-toxic for transportation.

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