Alka111-Novolak Epoxy-24kg kits

Alka 111 serves as a versatile solution for various applications, including wastewater treatment tanks, corrosion protection lining for storage tanks, and bund lining for manufacturing facilities exposed to corrosive chemicals. It finds utility in food processing plants, pulp and paper mills, as well as fertilizer and insecticide plants, and petroleum refineries.

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Alka111-Novolac Epoxy-2 part Novolac epoxy System


Alka 111 is a tough coating made for tough jobs. It’s perfect for places that need heavy-duty protection, like wastewater treatment tanks, storage tanks, and factories exposed to corrosive chemicals. It’s also great for places like food processing plants, pump and paper mills, fertiliser and insecticide plants, and petroleum refineries.


One of the best things about Alka 111 is that it dries really fast. It sticks really well too, so it won’t come off easily. You can put it on with a brush or roller, and it doesn’t have a strong smell. It’s also really good at keeping things from getting through, like alcohol, gasohol, and acids. Plus, it’s tough against wear and tear.


When you buy Alka 111, you’ll get everything you need in one package. It comes in different sizes, and you can mix it up to get the color you want. You’ll need to apply it in layers, and how long it takes to dry depends on how thick you put it on.

Application Instructions

Before you start, make sure to clean your tools with xylene. Once Alka 111 dries, you’ll need to use something mechanical to remove it.

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