UltraKote Solvent Base Heavy Duty Paving Paint – 20L

Solvent Base Heavy Duty Paving Paint

$250.00 inc GST

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UltraKote Heavy Duty Paving Paint is a premium, single-pack, polyurethane-based paint with good wear resistance properties. Tough coating & fast drying characteristics.

UltraKote Heavy Duty Paving Paint is designed to protect and decorate concrete or timber surfaces as it forms an attractive, protective and impervious coating on the substrate to protect against spillage of your most common fluids.

Areas of Application
Exterior and Interior applications. Suitable for protection of, paths, verandas, courtyards and workshop floors made with timber & concrete.
This product is not suitable for use on clay pavers, terracotta surfaces, rubber, vinyl, surfaces exposed to the marine environment, and areas around pools. Not suitable for areas where ground water is likely to rise through the substrate.

Method of Application
Can be applied by brush and roller.

Do not apply in unfavourable weather conditions, or early morning and late afternoon where dew and frost are present.

Ultrakote Solvent base heavy duty paving paint is a moisture cure polyurethane and keep the lid closed once product is poured out and DO NOT return unused product into the original drum.

Anti slip aggregate may be added to the coating to provide a slip resistant
surface. Slip resistance is recommended on all exterior applications

Surface Preparation
Ensure that the surface is dry and free from dirt, moisture, contaminants like grease, oil, wax, moss, mould, dust or loose material and etch uncoated concrete prior to applying coating.

New concrete surfaces should be allowed to cure 4 – 6 weeks.

Allow the surface to dry completely and apply minimum two coats of UltraKote Heavy Duty Paving Paint.










Apply first coat of UltraKote Heavy Duty Paving Paint with 10-20 thinning followed by second coat with minimal thinning.

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