Elite Crete Systems REFLECTOR Enhancer

non-metallic based powdered pigment.

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Elite Crete Systems Reflector Enhancer is a non-mica, non-metallic powdered pigment designed specifically for blending with clear coatings or sealers like E100-PT1™, E100-UV1™, E100-VR1™ 100% solids epoxy resins. This combination produces one-of-a-kind coloring effects for seamless flooring systems.

In contrast to mica-based or metallic pigments, REFLECTOR Enhancer doesn’t dissolve in waterborne or solvent solutions. Instead, it remains as a solid throughout the process, enabling the creation of unique and striking multi-dimensional effects. This distortion adds depth to the finished pattern, resulting in three-dimensional colour patterns that cannot be replicated using other colouring or staining methods.

Uses & Advantages

Use Applications:

Employ with E100-PT1™, E100-UV1™, or E100-VR1™ to craft robust, entirely personalized interior flooring for various settings: homes, offices, stores, factories, and healthcare facilities.

Key Features:

Simple to utilize

Offered in 20 standard hues

Colors are mixable, broadening the available palette


Bubble Gum
Charcoal Pearl
Concord Grape
Dark Green
ECS Blue
Green Apple
Orange Gold
Red Yellow
Sky Blue
A Full Sample Kit, that has 1 ea. of all 20 colors in 2 Oz. jars, is also available.


Stock – 2 fluid ounce sample jars or 32 fluid ounce jars. Color may settle as it is a powder

Metallic Flooring

Typical Metallic flooring systems are made of a 3-step coating process and porous concrete substrates may require an additional primer coat

  • Priming | recommended primer is Elite Crete E100-PT4 at a rate of 0.3 – 0.5 liter of product per sqm, which means a 3-gallon kit will be enough to prime 30-35sqm of floor area
  • Metallic effect | VR1 and Metallic pigments are used to create this layer, recommended minimum application rate is 0.5 litres of product / per sqm, which means a 3-gallon Kit will cover up to 20 sqm of floor area
  • minimum of 1 and maximum of 2 metallic pigment jars are recommended to be added to a 3-gallon Kit
  • Top Coat| Elite Crete AUS-V high build water-based clear is recommended as the protective layer, this product is available in 1.5-gallon and 3-gallon Kit sizes, 1.5 gallon will cover up to 30sqm o floor area


Reflective Flooring and Catalogues


Reflective System TDS

Reflector System Specs

Colour Chart



Document Download

Click on the tiles below to download Elite Crete reflector enhancer Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets.



Additional Documents 


Residential Catalogue

Commercial Catalogue

Industrial Catalogue

Decorative Catalogue


Elite Crete Systems Website



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