SikaGrout GP – 20kg

Shrink-compensated cementitious grout

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SikaGrout® GP AU is a pumpable, shrinkage-compensated, flowable cementitious “Class A” grout with extended working time to suit local ambient temperatures.



SikaGrout® GP AU is a general purpose grout suitable for the following applications:

  • General purpose grouting
  • Grouting works for machine foundations, anchor bolts etc.
  • Precast grouting
  • Filling of cavities, gaps, recesses, etc.

For precision grouting, SikaGrout®-212HP is recommended.



▪ Easy to mix and apply
▪ Flowable consistency (according to mix)
▪ Rapid strength development
▪ Non-corrosive
▪ Non-toxic
▪ Iron and chloride free
▪ Shrinkage-compensated
▪ Good pumping properties


Grey premixed powder


20kg Bags – 48 Bags per pallet


Place about 70–80 % of the premeasured clean water (depending on consistency required – refer to “Mix Ratio”) into a clean container and gradually add the whole bag of SikaGrout® GP AU into it while continuously mixing. Add the remaining water until the desired consistency is obtained. Mix for 3–5 minutes with a low speed drill (500 rpm max.).


After mixing, stir lightly with a spatula for a few seconds to release any entrapped air. The grout is then poured immediately into the prepared formwork. When carrying out baseplate grouting, ensure sufficient pressure head is maintained for uninterrupted mortar flow. For formwork repair, the prepared formwork must be firmly in place and kept watertight. When placing grout over a large area, it is important to maintain a continuous flow throughout. Work sequence must be properly organised to ensure an uninterrupted flow. In large areas, SikaGrout® GP AU may be pumped using heavy duty diaphragm pumps. Screw feed and piston pumps may also be used.

Specific Areas of Application 

Grouting under baseplate Flowable consistency
Formwork grouting – pouring method Flowable consistency
Formwork grouting – pre-packed method Flowable / Plastic consistency
Grouting anchor bolts Plastic / Stiff consistency
Dry packed / Precast grouting Stiff consistency

Grouting large volumes: For sections thicker than 100 mm, it is necessary to fill ikaGrout® GP AU with graded 10 mm silt free aggregates o minimise temperature rise generated during the during stage. The quantity of aggregates should not exceed 1 part aggregates to 1 part SikaGrout® GP AU by weight. For such mixes, a conventional concrete mixer and pump may be used. To further ensure that air entrapped during mixing is allowed to fully escape, it may be necessary to make breather holes. Use steel rods or chains to assist the flow of grout where necessary. Preliminary trials are recommended.


When formwork type repair is used, leave the formwork in place for at least 3 days. Upon removal of the formwork, cure the exposed surfaces
immediately with Antisol® curing compound or use other approved curing methods.


SikaGrout GP AU Datasheets



SikaGrout® GP AU – Sika’s Website

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