Sikafloor 29 Purcem – 22kg kit

Water-based polyurethane hybrid coving

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Sikafloor 29 Purcem 22kg kit (a+b+c+d+pigment)

Sikafloor®-29 PurCem® is a multi-component, polyurethane hybrid mortar. It has high impact and mechanical resistance, good resistance against chemicals and wear.


Sikafloor®-29 PurCem® is used as a coving mortar, detailing and vertical rendering with Sikafloor® PurCem® floor systems.



  • Good wear resistance
  • High mechanical and impact resistance
  • High softening point
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Non tainting /odourless
  • Fast curing
  • VOC free
  • Can be applied to substrates with high moisture content (7 days old or mature damp concrete or 10% moisture pbw)



Part A opaque liquid
Part B


brown liquid


Part C

Part D

natural grey powder

natural sand colour



Part A 1.30   kg plastic bottle
Part B


1.50   kg plastic bottle

0.4     kg plastic tub

Part C

Part D

1.60   kg kg plastic bag

17.3   kg plastic bag

Part A+B+C+D 22.0   kg ready to mix unit



Premix part A with a low speed electric stirrer and then add pigment and mix until uniform. Add part B and mix for 30 seconds. Make sure all pigment is uniformly distributed. Use a double paddle (axis) mixer and gradually add part C & D (aggregate) to the mixed resin. DON’T DUMP!
Allow part C & D to blend for further 2 minutes minimum, to ensure complete mixing and a uniform moist mix is obtained. During the operations, scrape down the sides and bottom of the container with a flat or straight edge trowel at least once (parts A+P+B+C+D) to ensure complete mixing. Mix full units only.

Mixing tools
Use a low speed electric stirrer (300-400 rpm) for mixing parts A and B. For preparation of the mortar mix use a pan type revolving mixer.



Subject to the various applications, different epoxy primers can be used, For standard coves under 100mm in Height, Sikafloor 160/161 should be used. For concrete kerbs and vertical renders, Sikadur 31/33 Can be used, for vertical applications apply the Sikadur 31/33 by way of a 4mm V-Notch Trowel prior to the application of Sikafloor®-29 PurCem® the Thixotropic Nature of the Sikadur 31/33 Adhesives will greatly aid in the ability of the Sikafloor®-29 PurCem® to hold in place on vertical applications.

Application of Sikafloor®-29 PurCem®

Apply the mixed Sikafloor®-29 PurCem® onto the ready primed substrate and compact to the appropriate thickness, then finish the detailing profile with a coving trowel or steel float. Apply Sikafloor®-29 PurCem® while the primer is still tacky. If the primer becomes tack free, reapply the primer.

Top Coats:

Sikafloor®-29 PurCem® Is fully servicable without top coats, however in order to provide a smoother and more colour consistent finish, 1-2 x Coats of Sikafloor 31 PurCem top Coat should be applied.


Sikafloor Purcem Colour Card



Sikafloor Purcem Flooring Data Sheets



Sikafloor Purcem 29 – Sika’s Website

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