Scintex / Paddock 480 Concrete Grinder

480mm Concrete Floor Grinder

$5,999.00 inc GST




Paddock / Scintex 480mm Concrete Floor Grinder


Introducing Paddock™ (Scintex) Floor Grinders & Polishers

Built for Tradies, Priced for DIYers

Paddock™ (Scintex) proudly presents its trade-quality 480mm wide single-phase concrete floor grinders, meticulously crafted for durability and longevity. Break free from the cycle of hiring concrete grinders and invest in your own high-end Scintex floor grinder, offered at affordable pricing to cater to both tradies and cost-conscious DIYers.

Trade Quality – Built to Last!

Operate on a standard household power socket and enjoy the versatility of using a range of discs, including Paddock and Floorex discs. With massive 3HP motors equipped with cooling fans, our floor grinders are designed for efficiency and durability. Plus, they’re simple to service and maintain, ensuring hassle-free operation for years to come.

Efficiency at Its Best with the Paddock™ (Scintex) 480mm Floor Grinder

Designed for preparing large floor areas, our 480mm floor grinder features a planetary 3 disc configuration, delivering impressive work rates of up to 75m2 an hour. Changing concrete discs is a breeze, with magnetic plugs securely holding them in place – no screws, bolts, or tools required. Compatible with the full range of Paddock 175mm discs, as well as Floorex discs and many other brands, our grinder ensures versatility and ease of use.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Performance

Equipped with a 3HP fan-cooled electric drive coupled to the disc plate via a gear reduction transmission, our floor grinder delivers power precisely where it’s needed. Built-in spirit levels and 17 different axle height adjustment positions ensure optimal grinding performance. The floating shroud automatically adjusts to grinding height and disc wear, while two counterweights prevent bouncing or vibration, increasing grinding work rate.

Superior Dust Suppression and Operator Comfort

For dust suppression, our grinder features a 40mm push-on industrial vacuum port, along with an adjustable vacuum hose guide to keep the hose out of the operator’s way. The adjustable handle offers three operating height positions, a tooling position, and a folded stow position for added convenience. With an easy-access on/off switch, emergency E-stop, and overload protection built into the operator’s handle, safety is paramount.

Quality You Can Trust

With genuine Schneider electrics and over-engineered design aspects, our 480mm floor grinder exemplifies the highest quality standards. Its single lifting point ensures simple and safe loading into vans, utilities, and trailers. Experience efficiency, durability, and reliability with Paddock™ (Scintex) floor grinders – your ultimate solution for concrete grinding needs.

Concrete Floor Grinder Product Support

Sydney Industrial Coatings is a stockist of Paddock / Scintex Brand and any warranty related matters must be lodged directly to Paddock Support team by clicking here           

Paddock™ supports the concrete grinders with Australian based support and a full range of replacement parts and spares from our Brisbane workshop.

Concrete Grinder Applications:

  • Concrete floor polishing
  • Concrete floor grinding
  • Concrete leveling
  • Removing glues and adhesives
  • Removing line markings
  • Removing floor coatings
  • Wood floor sanding
  • Preparing garages and concrete floors for painting of epoxy coatings


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