Nutech PaveCoat AntiSlip (Mix-In) – 400g

NuTech AntiSlip Mix-In ensures safety on fresh surfaces, enhancing friction in NuTech coatings to reduce slip risks in all conditions. Take advantage of our ongoing promotional offer: Bulk purchasing of 10 boxes or more qualifies for exclusive discounts. Explore the latest discounts on this product.

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NuTech PaveCoat AntiSlip ( Mix-In )

Ensure optimal safety on freshly paved surfaces with NuTech PaveCoat AntiSlip Mix-In. Specifically developed to enhance the friction coefficient of all NuTech single pack floor coating systems, this mix-in additive significantly reduces slip potential in wet and dry conditions.


Key Features of AntiSlip

  • Substantially improves safety on sealed surfaces under varying conditions.
  • Simple mixing for uniform distribution.
  • Flexible, scuff-resistant, and less abrasive surface to mitigate personal injury risks.
  • Achieves Pendulum Classification of P2 or P3, meeting AS4586 & AS4663 standards.

Important Information:

  • Not suitable for inclined or steep surfaces.
  • Not recommended for use in 2 pack concrete finishing systems, AquaStop, or Silicon Sealer.
  • NuTech recommends PolyCryl and AntiSlip Cast On for up to an R12 or P5 slip rating.

Application Guide

  • Conduct a test patch to account for varying surface profiles, slopes, and access conditions affecting safety.

Application Procedure:

  • Apply the first coat of the selected NuTech sealer, allowing it to dry. AntiSlip Mix In is required only in the final topcoat.
  • Mix the selected NuTech Paint system according to TDS. Add AntiSlip Mix In in specified ratios, stir well, and apply as directed.
  • ReCoat: Add and apply AntiSlip Mix In in the final coat only. Refer to specific NuTech system TDS for re-coat times.

Ideal for:

  • Wet areas, pools, factory loading docks, access ramps (with less than 15 degrees incline), stairs, entrance foyers, and public pedestrian and vehicle areas.


Document Download

Click on the tiles below to download Product Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets.

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