Zero Bleed Sand Free Cementitious Grout for Post-Tensioning Applications

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SikaGrout®-300 PT AU is a non-shrink (Class A and C), cementitious grout with a unique 2 phase shrinkage compensating mechanism. It is non-metallic and contains no chlorides. With a special blend of shrinkage reducing and plasticizing/water- reducing agents, SikaGrout®-300 PT AU compensates for shrinkage in both the plastic and hardened states.



SikaGrout®-300 PT AU suitably experienced and trained specialist contractors.
SikaGrout®-300 PT AU is used:

  • For horizontal and vertical grouting of ducts within bonded, post-tensioned structures
  • To grout and fill or repair voids within ducts of posttensioning strands for corrosion protection
  • For grouting with tight clearance requirements



  • Sand free allows filling and repairing of voids withinducts of post-tensioned structures
  • Does not contain aluminium powder or any components which generate hydrogen gas, carbon dioxide or oxygen Silica fume enhanced for low permeability
  • For additional protection, substitute 74 ml of mixing water with 74 ml of Sika® Ferrogard® -901 for each 20 kg bag of SikaGrout® -300 PT AU
  • Easy to use, just add water
  • Non metallic, will not stain or rust
  • Zero bleeding, even at high flow
  • Low heat build-up
  • Excellent for pumping. Does not segregate even at high flow and no build-up on equipment or hoppers
  • Non-corrosive, does not contain chlorides
  • Superior freeze/ thaw resistance


Grey premixed powder


20kg Bags – 48 Bags per pallet


For best resutls use a colloidal mixer. Alternatively, mechanically mix with a high speed drill (2500 rpm) and Sika® jiffy paddle. Mix for approximately 3 minutes after the addition of the last bag or until a homogeneus mix is achieved. Continue to agitate material in the holding hopper to achieve optimum flow.

The method of mixing may significantly affect the material properties, particularly flow. At higher temperatures
and/or with higher water amounts, the grout will behave less thixotropically. Therefore, it may be more appropiate to measure the flow using the standard flow cone test (ASTM C -939). The expected flux time is between 11 – 20 seconds under normal conditions. Specific on site testing by the engineer is recommended to ensure that the mixing and placement methods result in the specified requirements.

Add appropiate quantity of clean water. Add bag of material to mixing vessel. Start by using 5.4 litres of water per 20 kg bag of material. Add additional water as needed – a total maximum of 6.6 litres per 20 kg bag in order to achieve the flow specified. Ambient and material temperature should be as close as possible to +23 °C. If higher, use cold water, if colder, use warm water.


Make sure all forming, mixing, placing, and clean-up materials are on hand. The grout should be used within 60 minutes from the start of mixing. The method of pumping the grout must ensure complete filling of the ducts and complete surrounding of the strands or bar. A mock-up should be completed on onsite and inspected by the engineer to ensure that the placement means and methods yield the specified results.
When grouting ducts or other critical elements, it is higly recommended that experienced, trained technicians complete the work.


SikaGrout 300 PT AU Technical and Safety Datasheets



SikaGrout®-300 PT AU – Sika’s Website

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