Sikafloor Booster 5kg

Accelerator additive for Sikafloor Epoxy

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Sikafloor Booster is an accelerator additive for dosing to epoxy systems.

Accelerator boosters are additives used in epoxy flooring systems to accelerate the curing or hardening process of the epoxy resin. These additives are beneficial when there is a need for a faster curing time, such as in time-sensitive projects or applications that require a quick return to service.

Sikafloor-Booster can be used with the following products to speed up the curing process:

  • Sikafloor 94
  • Sikafloor 160
  • Sikafloor 161
  • Sikafloor 264
  • Sikafloor 263SL
  • Sikafloor 264T
  • Sikadur 33
  • Sikadur 32
  • Sikadur 31



  • As an accelerator for Sikafloor-160 -161-264 and Sikafloor-94.
  • As an accelerator for Sikadur 31 – 32 and 33 epoxy mortars and pastes



  • Min. substrate temperature +10oC
  • Max. substrate temperature +25oC
  • Max. relative humidity 85%
  • Observe dew point
  • Substrate moisture content less than 4% or use Sikafloor EpoCem
  • Only apply to mineral substrates
  • A-component must be well mechanically stirred before being proportioned and mixed
  • Sikafloor-Epoxy Booster used with any sealer top coats system will discolour in UV light



5kg Jerry Can


Sikafloor Booster Datasheets

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