Sikafloor 550 PA

Abrasion, UV Resistant Polyaspartic Resin

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Abrasion and UV Resistant Polyaspartic Resin Coating

Sikafloor®-550 PA is a clear and pigmented 2-component polyaspartic technology with a high solids, low viscosity, high strength, fast cure, UV and abrasion resistant resin coating.

  • Finish coat for Sikafloor floor coating systems
  • Totally UV stable
  • Low VOC


Sikafloor®-550 PA is used in:

  • Automotive workshops
  • Clean rooms
  • Amenities areas
  • Educational trade facilities
  • General commercial premises

Composition: Aliphatic Polyurea

Shelf life: 12 months from date of production

Storage conditions:

The product must be stored properly in original, unopened and undamaged sealed packaging, in dry conditions at temperatures between +5 °C
and +30 °C.



  • Finish coat for Sikafloor floor coating systems
  • Totally UV stable
  • Low VOC
  • Excellent chemical / abrasion resistance
  • Fast cure turn around time



Sikafloor®-550 PA is available in Clear and Pigmented – N45 Koala Grey, other RAL colours available on request.



8 litres and 40 litres kits


Mixing ratio:

  • Clear – Part A:Part B = 1:1 (by weight)
  • Pigmented – Part A:Part B = 1.2:1 (by weight)
  • Part A:Part B = 1:1 (by volume)

Ambient air temperature: +2 °C min. / +25 °C max.

Pot Life: Approx. 40 mins at ±23oC

Curing time: Approx. 24 hrs at ±23oC

Waiting time to overcoating: Approx. 6 hours at ±23oC

Consumption: Approx. 5 – 8 m2 per litre per coat

*Consumption depends on surface profile and texture of the Sikafloor system being coated.



Prior to mixing, premix Part A mechanically until homogeneous (1-2 minutes) at low speed. Pour the Part B into the PartA/colour, mix continuously for 1 minute until a uniform mix has been achieved. Only mix as much as is likely to be used within the pot life of the product. Pot Life will be reduced by excessive or high speed mixing and by high humidity. Do not seal the lid on mixed product as the heat of reaction causes pressure build up.



Prior to application, confirm substrate moisture content, relative humidity and dew point. Apply Sikafloor®-550 PA by brush, roller or spray. Ensure that buckets and application tools are clean and dry before use. Avoid over-rolling the roller in the tray or on the floor as this encourages viscosity increase.

– First Coat:
Apply Sikafloor®-550 PA at a rate of 5-6 m2 per litre. Use of thinner is not recommended – once the mixed product becomes difficult to pour it should be discarded. If a textured or antislip surface is required apply at 5 m2 per litre and then sprinkle apply appropriate graded aggregate (e.g. 0.5mm antislip aggregate). Allow 6 hrs drying then remove excess anti-slip with broom or vacuum. High Humidity can reduce the available time for consistent application, as well as shortening the drying and cure times.

– Second Coat:
Do not apply second coat outside of recoat window (6-18 hrs). After 18 hours the floor may no longer accept a second coat without the possibility of delamination – sanding is then advised to roughen up the surface and promote inter-coat adhesion. Mix and Apply Sikafloor®-550 PA uniformly at a rate of 6-8 m2 per litre using clean bucket and mixer. Allow 12 hours cure time before subjection to pedestrian traffic, 24 hrs for vehicular traffic and 2 days before subjecting to chemicals or severe abrasion.

Note: Coverage in rates in excess of the maximum listed may result in the product failing to fully cure.



Clean all tools and application equipment with Thinner C immediately after use. Hardened and/or cured material can only be removed mechanically.


Sikafloor 550 PA Product and Safety Data Sheets

Sikadur 550 PA – Sika’s Website

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