Sikadur-55 SLV (A + B) – 11.3L

Epoxy crack healer or penetrating sealer

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Sikadur® 55 SLV is a 2-component, 100% solids, moisture-tolerant, epoxy crack healer / penetrating sealer, having a fast tack-free time to minimize downtime. It is a super low-viscosity, high-strength adhesive formulated specifically for sealing both dry and damp cracks. It conforms to the current ASTM C-881, Types I and II, Grade-1, Class-C* and AASHTO M-235 specifications.
* except for gel time



  • Sikadur 55 SLV structurally repairs cracked concrete.
  • For interior slabs and exterior above-grade slabs.
  • For elevated horizontal decks, parking garages and other structures exposed to foot and pneumatic tire traffic.



  • Super low viscosity/low surface tension for excellent penetration into cracks.
  • Penetrates cracks by gravity down to 0.05 mm in width.
  • Prolongs life of cracked concrete.
  • Penetrates/seals surface of slabs from water absorption, chloride-ion intrusion, and chemical attack.
  • Structurally improves concrete surface.
  • Can be open to traffic in 6 hours at 23°C.
  • High bond strength, even in damp cracks.
  • U.S. Patent No. for ultra-low viscosity healer/sealer to strengthen cracked concrete.


Clear or Amber


11.3 Litre kit


Substrate must be clean, sound and free of surface moisture. Remove dust, laitance, grease, oils, curing compounds, waxes, impregnations, foreign particles, coatings and disintegrated materials by mechanical means (i.e. shotblasting, sandblasting, etc.). For best results, substrate should be dry. Surfaces prepared by Low Pressure Water Cleaning or High Pressure Water Jetting methods should be allowed to dry for 24 hrs. minimum 23°C.


Mix 1 part Component ‘B’ to 2 parts Component ‘A’ by volume into a clean pail. Mix thoroughly for 3 minutes with Sika paddle or jiffy mixer on a lowspeed (400-600 rpm) drill until uniformly blended. Mix only that quantity which can be used within its pot life.


Sikadur 55 SLV Data Sheets



Sikadur®-55 SLV – Sika’s Website

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