Sikadur 42HP

3-pack deep pour precision epoxy grout

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Sikadur®-42 HP, is a high strength, multi purpose, three-component, low exotherm, low dusting, solvent-free, moisture-insensitive, epoxy grouting system designed to seat and support high demand equipment.



Sikadur®-42 HP may only be used by experienced

  • Precision seating of baseplates
  • Grouting under equipment, including heavy impact and vibratory machinery, reciprocating engines, compressors, pumps, presses, etc.
  • Grouting under crane rails



  • Low peak exotherm.
  • Low dusting, ready-to-mix, pre-proportioned kits.
  • Moisture insensitive.
  • Corrosion and impact resistant.
  • Stress and chemical resistant.
  • High compressive, tensile and shear strengths.
  • High vibration resistance.
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion, compatible with concrete.
  • Material does not require heated transportation.


Concrete grey


36 kg – 3 component kit consisting of:
Sikadur 42 HP Part A – Resin 5 kg
Sikadur 42 HP Part B – Hardener 1 kg
Sikadur 42 HP Part C 15 kg bag (2 x 15 kg Bags per kit)


Mortar and concrete must be older than 28 days (dependent on minimum strength requirements).
Verify the substrate strength (concrete, natural stone etc.).
The substrate surface (all types) must be clean, dry and free from contaminants such as dirt, oil, grease, existing surface treatments and coatings etc.
Steel substrates must be de-rusted to a standard equivalent to Sa 2.5.
The substrate must be sound and all loose particles must be removed.
Substrate must be dry or mat damp and free from any standing water, ice etc.


Surface and base plate contact area must be clean and sound. For best results, the substrate should be dry. Remove dust, laitance, oils, grease, curing compounds, impregnations, waxes, foreign particles, coatings, and disintegrated materials by mechanical means, i.e. chipping with a chisel, blastcleaning etc. All anchor pockets or sleeves must be free of water. Blastcleaning metal base plates to an acceptable quality standard equivalent to SA 2.5 for maximum adhesion. Apply grout immediately to prevent re-oxidizing.

The consistency of the Sikadur®-42 HP epoxy grout system requires the use of permanent or temporary forms to contain the material around base plates, for example. In order to prevent leakage or seepage, all of these formers must be sealed. Apply polyethylene film or wax to all forms to prevent adhesion of the grout. Prepare the formwork to maintain more than 100 mm liquid head to facilitate placement. A grout box equipped with an inclined trough attached to the form will enhance the grout flow and minimize air encapsulation.


Pre-batched units:
Mix components A and B in the component A pail for 3 min with a paddle attached to a low speed drill (300-450 rpm). Avoid aeration while mixing until the material becomes uniformly blended in colour and viscosity. Place the mixed epoxy into an appropriate mixing vessel. Slowly add the contents of component C (to keep air entrapment at a minimum) dependent on flow requirements (observe the correct mixing ratio) and mix until uniform and homogeneous. (approx. 5 min)

Mix only that quantity which can be used within its potlife.

Bulk packing (not pre-batched):

First, stir each component thoroughly. Add the components in the correct proportions into a suitable mixing pail. Mix the components. Use an electric low speed mixer, etc as above for the pre-batched units.

Never mix Component A and B without adding component C (as the exothermic reaction between A and B alone generates excess heat)

Leave Sikadur®-42 HP to stand in the normal mixing vessel until the majority of entrained air bubbles have dispersed.


Sikadur 42 HP Data Sheets



Sikafloor®-42HP – Sika’s Website

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