Sika Plug – 10kg Pail

Cementitious fast setting water plug

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Sika Plug is a chloride free, ready for use powder based on high alumina cement. When mixed with water Sika Plug becomes a rapid setting plugging mortar.



Sika Plug is a chloride free, ready for use powder based on high alumina cement. When mixed with water Sika Plug becomes a rapid setting plugging mortar. Sika Plug can be used to seal leaks as a pre-treatment to the installation of Sikalastic 1K cementitious waterproofing system.



▪ Easy to use and mix just add water.
▪ No Special equipment required.
▪ Rapid setting and high early strength gain.
▪ Excellent adhesion to mineral substrates.
▪ Rapid water-stopping capacity and hydraulic resistance.
▪ No cracking and very low shrinkage.


Grey cement powder


10kg Pail


Concrete, mortar, brickwork: Sound,clean, free from oil, grease, dust or laitance. Steel, iron: Clean, free of oil, grease and rust. If possible open the area to be treated to a roughened surface for a better mecahnical and/ or “V” shape profile at the leak. Porous substrates must be pre soaked prior to application.


Depending on the site conditions and due to the rapid curing of the product only small quantities may be mixed at any one time. Thoroughly and quickly the powder and water in a suitable container. Mix only the amount that can be immediately applied by gloved hand or trowel.


Quickly work the mixed mortar firmly into the leaking crevice, V-cut, joint etc. and hold in place with a gloved hand or trowel until the mortar is sufficiently hard to remain in place. Strike off flush with the surface if desired. Repeat this procedure, mixing small quantities at a time until the seepage or leak is stemmed. If the water pressure is too high a timber plug maybe installed then covered with Sika Plug.


Sika PLUG Data Sheets


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