Sika Boom AP Aerosol Can

Multi-position high yield expanding foam

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Sika®Boom®-AP is a 1-component, high expanding, fast curing polyurethane foam suitable for multi-position applications.


Sika Boom® AP is used for fixing, insulating and filling connection joints around window and door frames, pipe entries, air conditioning vents and roller blind housings. Sika Boom® AP provides insulation against noise, cold and draughts after single application.



  • 1-component
  • Multi-positioning foam; application in all positions
  • Easy application with nozzle
  • High expansion rate
  • Fast curing
  • Very good thermal and sound insulation
  • Can be cut and over painted
  • HFC Free


Light Yellow


Available in 500ml, 750ml
Both sizes come in a box of 6



The substrate must be clean, sound and homogeneous, free from oils, grease, dust and loose or friable particles. Paint, cement laitance and other poorly adhering contaminants must be removed. Sika Boom®-AP adheres without primers and/or activators. Pre-dampen the substrate with a mist spray of clean water, this ensures that the foam cures properly and also prevents secondary foam expansion.



Shake thoroughly (at least 20 times) prior to application.

Apply the nozzle to the can then apply the foam by holding the can in any direction and pointing the nozzle into the area of application then applying pressure to the nozzle trigger. The amount of foam applied can be regulated by the amount of pressure applied to the nozzle. Ensure applications in deep voids are applied in layers allowing each layer to fully cure before application of the next layer (Applied foam must be allowed access to sufficient moisture in order to fully cure).

Fully cured foam can be cut to shape and painted.


Sika Boom AP Data Sheets



Sika Boom® AP – Sika’s Website

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