Nutech EPiC Aqua Epoxy

Nutech EPiC Aqua Epoxy: A high-performance water-based coating for surfaces, delivering durable protection and a glossy finish. Ideal for residential and commercial use, its easy application and quick cure time make it a reliable choice for enhancing surface longevity and aesthetics.

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Revolutionize Surfaces with NuTech EPiC Aqua Epoxy: Embark on the transformative journey of Nutech water based epoxy, a meticulously engineered 2-pack epoxy floor coating designed for superior strength and durability. This water-based, low VOC formula acts as a fortress, offering exceptional protection to concrete, timber, masonry, and primed metal surfaces. In addition, Nutech water based epoxy is ideal for commercial and industrial spaces, boasting a versatile application that ensures resilience against petrol, oil, fatty oils, alkali, acid, and efflorescence.

This water based epoxy goes beyond conventional coatings, being food-grade compliant. It’s perfect for spaces demanding utmost cleanliness, such as restaurants, hospitals, and supermarkets. Choose from an array of 9 standard colors, including Neutral Grey, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Birch Grey, Sand, Terracotta, Slate, White, and Black. This coating stands as a shield against petrol, oil, fatty oils, alkali, acid, and efflorescence.

Key Features

  • Ensures excellent interior durability, providing a shield that withstands the test of time.
  • Hardwearing for long-lasting protection, ensuring surfaces remain resilient and robust.
  • Exhibits excellent adhesion to various surfaces, creating a bond that endures.
  • Boasts exceptional hardness for resilience, contributing to the coating’s overall strength.
  • High resistance to abrasion for enduring strength, ensuring surfaces are protected against wear.
  • Impervious to water and moisture, preventing damage caused by environmental factors.
  • Corrosion-resistant, adding longevity to surfaces and safeguarding against deterioration.
  • Easy application by brush, roll, or spray, ensuring convenience and flexibility in use.

Application Guide: For detailed substrate preparation and application steps, refer to the downloads below.

Equipment Type: Choose between a roller or brush for a precise application or opt for the efficiency of a spray. However, refrain from storing the mixed product in spray equipment to avoid damage.

Surface Preparation: Prepare bare concrete surfaces using Nu-EcoSafe Etch or Nu-EcoSafe Ultra Etch as per the recommendations in the relevant TDS. Allow the surface to thoroughly dry before application.

Mixing: Achieve optimal results by mixing 3 parts A to 1 part B (single 2 Pack kit) using a drill mixer. Hand stirring is insufficient. Allow the mixture to stand for 10 minutes before use for full activation.

Thinning: For spray application, thin 10% – 15% with clean water. For brush or roller application, do not thin. However, on bare concrete and masonry surfaces, thin 20% – 25% for the first coat application to enhance penetration and adhesion.

Drying and Curing: Nutech EPiC Aqua Epoxy becomes touch dry and ready for recoating after just 2 hours. For a complete cure, allow drying for 7 days.

Application: Whether using a roller, brush, or spray, apply 2 even coats, adhering to the minimum film thickness, recoat, and dry times as outlined in the TDS.


Document Download

Click on the tiles below to download Nutech Nutech EPiC Aqua Epoxy Product Brochure, Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets.

Brochure-nutech-water-based-epoxy-epic-aqua-epoxy-icon TDS-nutech-water-based-epoxy-epic-aqua-epoxy-icon SDS-part-A-nutech-water-based-epoxy-epic-aqua-epoxy-icon SDS-part-B-Epox-icon

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