Husqvarna DE120 Dust Extractor 970 51 48‑02

DE 120 H-Class Dust Extractor is a compact and powerful solution for heavy-duty applications, designed for use with larger hand-held power tools, grinders, shotblasters, and more.

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The DE 120 H-Class Dust Extractor is a compact and highly portable powerhouse designed to meet the rigorous demands of heavy-duty applications. This versatile extractor is specifically engineered for use with larger hand-held power-tools, floor and hand grinders, shotblasters, scarifiers, and more.

Equipped with a user-friendly HMI interface and an innovative e-flow function, the DE 120 ensures optimal air flow adjustments, maximizing battery runtime while reducing interruptions. Its impressive performance and robust construction make it an ideal choice for challenging work environments.

Safety is a top priority with the DE 120, as it complies with the latest H-class standards for heavy-duty dust extractors. It incorporates a HEPA filter with EN1822 certification, separate from the pre-filter. An integrated filter alarm, adjustable hose-diameter, and convenient one-button cleaning feature provide hassle-free maintenance and promote a clean working environment.

Transporting the DE 120 is a breeze, thanks to its compact size, lightweight design, and thoughtful features like lifting hooks and the ability to attach hoses, wand, and floor tools. Its two wheels enable smooth maneuverability, ensuring easy mobility on the job site.

Operate sustainably and efficiently with the DE 120’s e-flow technology, which optimizes airspeed throughout the filter saturation process. This not only reduces energy consumption by up to 30%*, but also lowers sound levels by up to 8 dB(A)**, creating a quieter and eco-friendly work environment.

Cleaning and decontamination are a breeze with the DE 120’s high water protection standard. The intuitive HMI provides early warnings for operational maintenance, enabling on-site troubleshooting and ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

The improved Longopac® attachment system, coupled with a V-shaped tray, simplifies mounting and prevents dust accumulation in the folds. This innovative design ensures a cleaner work area and enhances overall efficiency.

Completing the DE 120 package is an optimized range of accessories tailored specifically for construction needs. From the sturdy floor tool with a large opening to the wand, hoses, and adapters with transport caps, every detail is carefully crafted for smooth operation and convenient transport. Optional hose bags provide additional transport convenience, making your job even easier.

Experience exceptional performance, reliability, and ease of use with the DE 120 H-Class Dust Extractor – the ultimate choice for demanding applications in construction and beyond.

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Model DE120
Power source Corded
Phases 1 ph
Rated input power 2.2 kW
Weight 39 kg
Voltage 230 V
Rated current 15 A
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Max. vacuum 200 mbar
Product size length 815mm
Product size width 542 mm
Product size height 1,125 mm

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