Flexio 950

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Flexio 950

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Powerful, efficient and versatile, the Wagner Flexio 950 (which replaces the Flexio 995) is perfect for interior walls and ceilings and general finishing work around the house and garden such as gutters, doors, window frames, furniture and more. No dilution required.

The Revolutionary i-Spray technology (WallPerfect spray-lance) provides maximum control with full coverage. Instead of applying two coats of paint with a brush or roller, spray the same amount of paint in much less than half the time.

The Flexio 950 has a convenient, lightweight spray lance for easy painting of high walls and ceilings and large surface areas without the need for a ladder.

Paint is drawn directly from the paint can?reducing?the need for messy handling and refills. Simply mask the surrounding areas and you are ready to go.

Clean up couldn’t be quicker or easier because the unit cleans itself using the self-clean function, with very little water.

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Flexio 950 – Short Overview

Flexio 950 -Setup

Flexio 950 -Cleaning

Flexio 950 -Full Overview



  • Paint is drawn directly from the can avoiding the need for messy handling and refills
  • Convenient spray lance for easy painting of high walls, ceilings and large surface areas
  • Comes with an additional PerfectSpray attachment which turns the Flexio 995 into a painting all-rounder


Comes with an additional Standard spray attachment for projects where precision is required, which turns the Flexio 950 into an all-rounder.

This product carries a 3 + 1 year DIY warranty.


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