Diamond Grinder Cup Wheel

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Exceptional Grinding with Diamond Grinder Cup Wheels

Perfect for Tight Corners and Intricate Areas

Discover our diverse selection of diamond grinding cup wheels, including the specialized 60mm mini grinding cup 30#. This compact tool is perfect for reaching tight corners and intricate areas, making it an ideal choice for use with the Edge Pro Arm.

Versatile Solutions for Every Task

Whether you’re working behind downpipes or under pool and balustrade fencing, our diamond grinding cup wheels ensure efficient polishing and grinding. Choose from various grit options to match your specific needs:

  • 30# Wheel: Perfect for efficient surface polishing.
  • 100# Fine Wheel: Ideal for precision finishing.
  • 16# Super Coarse Wheel: Best for robust grinding tasks.

Compatible with Multiple Systems

These grinding cup wheels are designed to work seamlessly with the Edge Pro Vertical Honing System and any M14 thread wet polisher, providing flexibility and ease of use for various applications.

Professional and DIY Applications

Our grinding cup wheels are suitable for both professional and DIY applications, delivering exceptional quality and versatility. Enhance your grinding and polishing tasks with the reliability and precision of our diamond grinder cup wheels.

Key Features:

  • Specialized 60mm Mini Cup 30#: Perfect for tight corners and intricate areas.
  • Variety of Grit Options: 30# for surface polishing, 100# for fine finishing, and 16# for coarse grinding.
  • Compatible Systems: Works with Edge Pro Vertical Honing System and M14 thread wet polishers.
  • High-Quality Results: Suitable for professional and DIY applications, ensuring exceptional quality and versatility.

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